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                                  Tuition Policy

Zion Lutheran Church established and maintains a Christian Dayschool for the purpose of fulfilling Christ’s command to make disciples by baptizing and teaching. We seek to serve children and their families as they to grow in maturity as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Christian education of children involves a partnership between the family, the school and the church. A portion of that partnership is how the cost to operate, improve and maintain the school are shared.

In January of each year the Board of Christian Day School will determine the cost of operating the school during the previous year, the number of students enrolled and the projected cost for school operation. This cost will include at a minimum the labor and benefit costs for the teaching staff. Using this information the BCDS will determine a projected cost per student for the next school year. Base tuition per student will be established using this number.

It is our desire that no one be denied a Christian Education due to financial need. Therefore, additional tuition discounts may be requested by community member and member families based upon need. Need will be evaluated using a third party source and parents are encouraged to apply for such additional help.  Please contact the Office for more information.

In addition, tuition reduction plans may also be available to members of Zion. Members are encouraged to discuss their individual situation with the school administrator.

2021-22 Tuition per child : $945.00

Registration Fee
The registration fee, which is non-refundable, will be assessed to all students attending Zion Lutheran School. The amount of the fee will be determined by the Board of Christian Day School and should be in the amount necessary to cover main school supplies, books, and needs.

The entire Registration Fee goes to support the school and its programs. It is divided into categories as determined by the Board of Christian Day School.

2021-2022 Registration Fee:  $350